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    • Yes, we do offer birthday parties that are appropriate for boys or girls. The birthday party package that we offer is for ages 7 and up. They last about an hour and a half. Cost is $25 per child, with a limit of 8 children. Clay is included in that cost. Thanks for your interest!

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in beginning-level classes, and signed up and paid for beginning wheel on Saturdays (the best time for me as I work full time) last winter. When I arrived for the first day of class, however, I was informed that, despite how it was described on the schedule, this was not a beginning class and I would not be well-served there. I was invited to attend a different class session during the week, but this also wasn’t a beginning class – just a smaller class where the instructor might have more opportunity to work with a beginner.

    I did not do this for several reasons: first, the timing wasn’t good for me; second, I had already missed the first session. But most importantly, I would really prefer to start in a class made up of other beginners, where all the class participants are at least fairly new to the subject and to Manassas Clay.

    I keep an eye on the site, but class times and descriptions don’t seem to have been updated. Can you tell me if you will be having any classes that will truly be geared towards adult beginners in 2017? (Also, you may want to update your website – it was disappointing to have planned, prepared, and paid for the class only to find upon arrival that it was not as described. I do realize dynamics change and that time period may now be the best time for intermediate students, but that’s not how your published schedule reads.)

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m not sure when you contacted Manassas Clay with your comments. Our website and our written class description have not changed in some time because our classes haven’t changed. Beginning Wheel classes are described as follows: An overall introduction to clay for beginners and experienced beginners. . . We have students who come back session after session because the time slot figures into their schedule. Some students have been here for 19-20 years and are welcome in all our classes but choose a class to meet their schedules. We accommodate all students–beginning and experienced. I apologize that you received the wrong information. I wasn’t available and don’t know what the conversation was but I will investigate. The Saturday class fills quickly and was, perhaps, full. Almost all the students in that class are experienced but that would not eliminate a beginner.

      Again, I apologize. Did you receive a refund?

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