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  1. We do not sell Virginia Red Clay. We purchase our clays directly from Laguna in Ohio and Standard in Pennsylvania. These companies may clay.
    Your father in law might check out some great sites in Georgia for Lizella Clays.


  2. Sorry, we do not repair porcelain but you can come here and make your own products.
    We have a teaching studio, pottery supplies and gallery.

    • We do have classes (see schedule on website. Studio time is not included and there are extra charges for open studio.

  3. Hi, my name is keira orwig, thank you for taking the time to read this. This is the cutest store ever. I’ve always had a love for crafts, and diy activities. I may not have any experience in a job, but my want to learn, and my inviting personality makes me perfect for this job. even though i would have to learn a lot, i could definitely still help, and with time i am fully confident that i will be able to learn, and grow as a person, and thrive in this environment. im hoping to get the chance to learn how to sell unique products, and possibly even help make some. im a very big people person, and i love working with, and getting to know others. i’m excited to work in such a unique and exciting place, and im excited to see where this experience takes me in life. overall, im a very committed and motivated person. i would say with time, i would be a great asset to this team, i appreciate your time and i hope you consider hiring me. Thank you!

    • Hi, Kera, Thanks for contacting Manassas Clay and for your comments on our store. You sound charming and I’m sure you would be an asset to any studio.
      However, we are not hiring and don’t expect to hire in the near future. You might want to consider taking one of our pottery classes to get a taste of studio life
      and to gain more work experience.

    • We have studio time available for experienced potters and classes for beginners and experienced.
      No studio time is available during class times. (See class schedules)

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