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  1. Is there still room in the fifth session, beginning next week? I’m interested in the Wednesday time slot. Also, how much should I anticipate spending on clay and tools throughout the 8 weeks?

    • Hi, Meghan,

      The Wednesday morning and the Wednesday evening classes are closed for the next session beginning on October 17.
      We will be taking registration for the Winter Class (January 2, 2022) in early December.

      There is an opening in the Tuesday evening mixed level handbuilding and wheel class that runs from 7 to 10.

      Thank you for your interest and I apologize for my tardiness.


  2. Hello! I’m interested in registering for your mixed level wheel class Wednesday 10-1pm beginning Oct 17th thanks!

    • Hi, Michelle,
      I apologize for being tardy in getting back to you.
      There is room in the Wednesday morning class if you are still interested.

      You may register by calling 703-330-1040 and pay by credit card.

      Look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Hello! I am a beginner and interested in registering for the Wednesday nights mixed level wheel class. Is there still room? If so, how do I register? Thanks in Advance, Maria

    • Hi, Maria,

      The Wednesday evening class is closed for this session. Our next session will begin after the holidays–on January 2.
      We will open registration around the first of December. We do not have on line registration so the best way to register is to call

      Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in class in 2022.


    • One private class with an instructor is $60.00 per hour. Student must call two weeks in advance.
      Our telephone is 703-330-1040

    • Open studio is usually for persons who have some ceramic/pottery/clay making experience. If you are a beginning artist, I recommend a class.
      Our new class schedule will be posted soon. Our next session will begin the week of January 2 and run through the end of February. You may register for classes in December by calling 703-330-1040and register with a credit card or you may, of course, come in in person to check out our studio.

      Thank you for your interest in Manassas Clay.

  4. How do you register for a class? (This may be a duplicate comment only because I didn’t see it posted, sorry in advance)

    • Hi, Gemma, you may register for classes by calling 703-330-1040 to register by credit card or you may come into the gallery/store for on-site registration.
      Our current session is closed. Our next session will begin the week of January 2. Registration for that session will begin around the middle of December.
      Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. HI!, I’m Sawyer, I am 10 years old and I wanted to know… Do you do classes for kids? I am just VERY interested in clay. XD

    • I’m sorry, Sawyer. We do not have children’s classes at this time. Check us out in two years when you become a teenager.

      Please check the Art Factory for information on child classes.

    • Our 2024 class schedule has been updated. Session 1 classes are closed. We will register for Session 2 in late February.

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