In this two day workshop. Joan will demonstrate how to make a clay armature for a relief mosaic piece that can fit into a tile grid.  The piece you make could later be mounted or installed and incorporated into a tile wall.  If mounted, it would be used as a piece for an entry way or even a sign.  First Saturday, the armature will be made and slab put on and details added before cutting.  The following Saturday, the piece will be transferred onto tiles which will be cut to fit.   If time permits we will do some glaze discussions and tests.

Have a subject with either a sketch or picture already picked out before we begin the workshop.

Saturday March 10 and Saturday March 17.

Fee: $150.00.  Registration Open



April 13, 2018 – May 5, 2018



1st Friday Class – Wheel and Handbuild pots for Raku, Saggar, Horsehair with Ferric Chloride, and Naked Raku

2nd Friday Class – Making, Trimming, Decorating, Burnishing, Terra Sigilatti

3rd Friday Class – Continue Making. Waxing, Glazing, Decorating

Saturday -May 5. Meet at Tin Barn Pottery in The Plains to Glaze, Prepare Saggars, Fire.

Clay not included.

All glazes and decorating materials provided.